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Our motto is simple: A professionally written book, an attractive cover, an effective website, and a way into the media's eyesight in 30 days - all directly from your mouth. All from your story.

Why does speed matter?

Because of gravity will pull you back if you slow down.

Because of the importance of momentum.

Because fires die out.

Because money runs out.

Because you run out of time.

When I give my money to someone, I want a fast turnaround. That's what I want, so I make sure I give it to others. This is especially true when funds are low.

People who take too long to accomplish something will DIE. People stop believing in them. Life will get in the way. And then, they will stop believing in themselves.

Speed solves a lot of (potential) problems. In Ben Rife's new book titled HYPER-GROW YOUR BUSINESS", he even mentions how important it is to call leads back the moment they call you. Every second that passes, the chance of losing that sale increases tenfold.

We live in a world where time is more valuable then ever. With so many distractions and so many choices, the chance of giving your attention to someone who doesn't give you theirs is becoming non-existent.

The average attention span of a human being is about 5-6 seconds. Do you have what it takes to get it? .... and Keep it?

Remember the golden rule. If you are not giving them your attention, why would you expect them to give you theirs. More importantly, if you are not giving them your attention, somebody else is.

People tell me all the time, I will get my book out later this year. Deep inside, I know that is complete bullshit for 99% of people who tell me that.

How do I know? Because the longer the timeline, the more problems, excuses, and variables will pop up in their life. It's just plain simple math.

Are you going to start that business? Accomplish that goal? Write that book? Or take that leap of faith? ...

Or are you waiting for that "perfect time" and holding on to that excuse for as long as you can?

Speed matters. Strike now before the fire dies out.

Mike Fallat


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