Coming in 2018...

New year, next step, next level. That's how I look at every January 1st. No, I don't necessarily believe in new years resolutions, but I do believe in new chapters. Come January 1, the year 2017 will not matter, 2018 will.

Your story should only be getting better. Your story should be excelling, not remaining the same.

I hear so many people say "I am going to start working out next year", or "My goal is to start writing a book next year", or "I will make the big career change next year".

Wait... WHY IS THAT? Because they are delaying the need to take action right now.

Start putting all the ducks in the row now, so you can hit the ground running come January 1. Don't wait to take action. Take action now and reap the rewards next year!

Here are a few things we will be releasing:

1. Professional Audio books to be featured on AUDIBLE.

Our seasoned professionals, whose voice you might have heard on tv, videos games, and many other advertisements, Amber Ciccone and Mark Smeltzer have studios all set up and can bring your book to life on AUDIBLE which is not an easy process. Audible is the future of books for sure.