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Why aren't there more Women Entrepreneurs?


Everyday, when I pop on my facebook, youtube, and instagram, I am seeing mostly men advertise their businesses?

Could it be that each network has an algorithm that displays videos and images of only men on my feed? Or is there something more going on here?

Truth be told, my business gets approached by 90% men, yet I offer a service that helps both genders. Why is that?

Are there really less women entrepreneurs than men? If so, why is that?

I believe there could be many different reasons this is the case, but according to an article on CNBC, it states some crazy figures:

"Only 3 percent of women-owned firms in the U.S. have "high economic impact," generating $500,000 or more in revenue, compared to 9 percent of male-owned firms, according to the 2016 State of Women Owned Businesses report commissioned by American Express OPEN.

And relatively few women-owned firms smash through the $1 million barrier. Only 27.8 percent of firms with $1 million in revenue or more are owned by women or equally owned by men and women, and just 18.6 percent of companies with 500 employees or more are female-owned or equally male and female owned, according to research by the Kauffman Foundation.

"One of the things that could make more women-owned businesses scalable is programs to support women business owners through mentoring and helping them find access to capital," says Alice Bredin, research advisor for American Express OPEN."

I might not be a woman, but I am accustomed to how the game is rigged in some people's favor.

I don't come from money. I don't come from privilege. I don't come from connections. And I think that is why I try so hard to create a company that can help anyone position themselves for success. We live in a world where there is always going to be different social classes. The one's born with money will always have it easier. Always. If you dig deep enough, you will see many entrepreneurs who are "successful" come from money already. It takes using the right tools, the right way, at the right time to even the playing field for someone who does not come from money. Never complain about it. Just do something about it!

A bestselling book can help begin to even things out and put the game back in your control - even if it's only slightly. I am living proof of it.

Male or female. Rich or poor. Starting out or already experienced. Your mission should be to win.

No matter who you are and where you come from, a book will help you win in business. Maybe it's time to even out the numbers. Maybe it's time to use your story as your competitive advantage. Maybe it's time to pick up your pen and fight.

Mike Fallat

Reach out to me on instagram,facebook, and twitter and use the hashtag #startedfromzero if you are playing to win too.

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