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Interview with Author & Bodyguard Mark Llewhellin


Since I was born in 1984, I have always felt like the underdog. It allows me to keep that chip on my shoulder and to always have the want to fight no matter how outnumbered I may be.

Today, I get the great honor of interviewing Mark Llewhellin. His book, titled THE UNDERDOG - Achieving your dreams Against the Odds. Tune into my Facebook page at 1pm eastern time to hear his incredible story.

Mark was in the British Army, became a Bodyguard, turned into an Elite Athlete, and eventually an established Author.

Do you ever feel like the underdog? Pick up his book today HERE.


Mark joined the British army at the age of 16 and served with Junior Leaders Regiment, Royal Artillery. Mark initially failed his one and a half mile run basic fitness test, was bullied and was voted the fattest person in his troop. After a year and a half of fitness building and failing twice (once through lack of fitness & once through injury) Mark successfully passed the British All Arms Commando Course and earned the right to wear the coveted Green Beret. After serving 7 years in the army (mainly with 7 Commando Battery, 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery) Mark moved to London and worked as a Bodyguard in London's exclusive Park Lane. Mark's successes went from strength to strength. In 1999 Mark did a 6 day run and covered over 130 miles in the Sahara Desert. In the year 2000 Mark did a 1,620 mile run from Denver to San Francisco. In 2001 he broke the 100 kilometre treadmill world record. In late 2013 Mark hit the front page of the local newspaper, when he publicly ripped up his council tax form in defiance against corruption. Against the odds Mark set a snowball rolling that would make changes at the highest level in his County Council. In October 2013 Mark's training was down to a 2 mile jog twice a week. Then on Christmas Eve 2013 he wanted to see what he could do without any training. He ended up doing a combination of running and walking for over 9 hours. A few weeks later on 25th January 2014 (Mark’s 40th birthday) without any training Mark did a 70 mile run and walk in the space of one day.

In 2014 and 2015 Mark came 1st on the Strava Distance Challenge out of over 51,000 runners. Mark has been featured in all the main national newspapers and has travelled to over 50 countries around the world.

He has also interviewed over 50 high achieving people in the past year asking them about their story, their tips on success and how they have overcome adversity. He interviews people in The Hard Rock Café Vault Room where some of the music industry's most priceless pieces are kept (John Lennon’s iconic glasses, Madonna’s Pointy bra dress, Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar etc).

As well as doing the interviews, Mark is a Personal Fitness Coach, he works in the security industry and works for Break Point which is a company that specialises in helping people break through self limitations and runs Special Forces Experience days.

Mark is an inspirational public speaker and is working on multiple books, the first of which is The Underdog which is due for release on 5th November 2016. He lives in Wales for most of the year and is a very proud and grateful father.

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