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Convenience is always going to be KING

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As an entrepreneur, it's not your job to create an industry. Your job is to revolutionize one.

Steve Jobs didn't create computers. Mark Zuckerberg didn't create social media. Grant Cardone didn't create sales training. Anthony Robbins didn't create motivational seminars. Patrick Bet-David didn't create insurance. And Henry Ford didn't create cars. But, make no mistake about it, they did revolutionize the industries they are in.

Entrepreneurs increase convenience, make things more affordable, improve quality, and speed up the process. If you are not trying to revolutionize an industry, maybe you are not thinking big enough.

The way I explain DreamStarters to potential clients is this: We are sort of like the assembly line for authors to have their own books. Before we came along, it would take 6-9 months to have a book, it would take an immense amount of money or time (or both). However, with the system we implemented, it only takes 30 days or less. Why is that important? Well, the system allows us to produce more books, at a lower cost, with professionals who are part of system that produce a high quality product in the end. Yes, the speed is impressive. But, the convenience of our service is what I truly love.

Convenience is always going to be KING. If you want to revolutionize an industry, then I suggest you focus on convenience.

Here are 3 tips that I suggest to any entrepreneur:

1) Position Yourself As the Expert

2) Use Your Story As a Competitive Advantage

3) Whatever Problem You Solve, Make it all About Convenience.

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