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New Bestseller Spotlight - SIFU KARL ROMAIN

Congratulations to our newest BESTSELLING AUTHOR - Sifu Karl Romain! His new book, UNBREAKABLE, debuted on Amazon and instantly went to #1 in 3 different categories.

Being a bestselling author is something that can never be taken away from him now. It's a status that holds an incredible amount of weight in both business AND social worlds.

And why is that? Well, it means he took the right steps to success. 1) He wrote a book that could help others and 2) Positioned himself correctly to give him the best chance of success.

Like anything in life, success comes down to Leverage, Positioning, and Timing.

If you position yourself in the right field, industry, and market...

If you leverage all your strengths, your network, resources (internal and external), and abilities...

If you wait for the perfect timing to go ALL IN and have the ability to control the odds just a little bit...

Then success can come rather easy.

Make no mistake about it, if you leave your chances of success up to luck, then be prepared to watch others pass you by and have all the fun.

Be like Karl. Have some fun and start changing lives.


About Sifu Karl Romain

Certified Professional Life Coach, Martial Arts World Champion, Published Author & Speaker, TV & Radio Personality

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