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Entrepreneur of the Week: Patrick Bet-David


Becoming great at anything takes time, practice, and dedication. One way to cut through the noise and save time is to listen to the people who really know what they are talking about and apply the information to your own life.

If you are fortunate enough to begin your entrepreneurial journey with a mentor to follow and learn from, then consider yourself as one of the lucky ones. An example of success to see from the get-go is a huge advantage. You can watch how they handle themselves, ask them for guidance, and study their recipe for success.

A mentor doesn't have to be someone you work for, live near, or grow up with anymore. They are found on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. They are found in the thousands of books located at your local library.

One guy that I have been paying attention to for quite sometime is Patrick Bet-David. He's in the financial business and owns an agency called PHP. His content is extremely rich and he is a real deal entrepreneur. I say real entrepreneur because real entrepreneurs are like 1960's American-made muscle cars. You know it when you see one. There are too many people out there just showing fluff. Patrick isn't fluff. He's full of critical thinking information and I dig that kind of stuff.

His story is pretty wild. Working at Bally Total Fitness in the 1990s, he realized his strength was in sales. With no connections, no money, and no degree, Patrick Bet-David applied for a financial position at Morgan Stanley and was accepted. Soon after, Patrick launched his career to the next level when he joined up with World Financial Group from 2002- 2009.

The following year, he founded and launched PHP agency and the rest is history. Success began to find him very easily. His Youtube channel, Valuetainment, rose to an astounding 300K subscribers to help the PHP name become synonymous with hungry, driven, entrepreneur-minded individuals. PHP agency has thousands of reps all across the United States. You will be able to see their incredible success all over the social media platforms.

Bet-David has published four books, The 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible (2011), The Next Perfect Storm (2012), "The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages" (2016) and his most controversial publication, "Drop Out and Get Schooled" (2017).

Next month, we will be reviewing his book in the DreamStarters University Book Of The Week. Since we help entrepreneurs write bestselling books and teach them how to use it as the ultimate marketing tool, it's exciting to read stories from other entrepreneurs who are out there making it happen too!

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for your next mentor, I highly recommend following Patrick Bet-David though his Facebook, Instagram, or Website. The first time I heard of Patrick Bet-David was from a video of his that went viral a few years ago.

Check it out below:

Written By Mike Fallat

Founder of DreamStarters University

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