"Deliver Me"

The year was 2008. I knew I had something inside that I needed to get out. I couldn't sit still and I was ready to show the world what I could do. I was on my own. My "mentor" was providing empty promises, I had less than $5,000 in assets to my name, and I knew nothing except I have a degree that's practically worthless.

Even with the chips stacked against me, I had really grand visions. The dreams at night were quite vivid. I often thought about being dressed in an all-black custom tailored suit, waiting confidently backstage at some business conference. I would have my speech written down on high quality paper, tucked neatly in my jacket pocket. My hands would be steady without an once of sweat. The callouses from all of the ditches I've dug throughout my life and from the immense amount of weights I've lifted would impress anyone's hand I shook. I would hear the MC call my name and hear the applause of the crowd.

In another consistent dream, I envisioned going to pick out my dream car. I would walk up to the salesman, dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, hand the guy an envelope full of cash, and say "That one. I'm taking that one. Thanks. Bye."

Another dream was of me finally getting enough confidence and gumption to ask the prettiest girl I ever saw out on a date. I envisioned picking her up in my dream car, blasting Tom Petty, and hearing her laugh at everything I say.

These were all just dreams. Just visions. Just ideas.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I am huge Tom Petty fan. There's something about his deep lyrics and simple 4/4 3-chord patterns that touches my soul. One song in particular, Deliver Me, reminds me of when I first began this entrepreneurial journey. The lyrics are:

Every women and every man, Knows the feeling so well Those times when the he