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This One Person Will Never Lie To You

If Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Richard Branson were to visit you when you were 10 years old, take you to the nearest library, and tell you:

"Read every book in this building, apply what you learn, and we GUARANTEE you can have anything you desire in this world", would you do it?

It's pretty simple. Just read 10,000 books and take action with the obtained knowledge. Then, all your dreams can come true.

It's crazy, but I think most people would refuse to do it and neglect to read those 10,000 books. I believe only 1 out of 100,000 kids would ever do it. In fact, it's probably even less than that. How can that be?!!!

The reason: Humans are always looking for the shortcut. Most of us think, "Maybe, just maybe, there is an easier way. Maybe we can hit the lottery, meet the right connection, marry into wealth, get lucky, figure out a faster route, design an app and become a billionaire overnight. Maybe, I will have what it takes tomorrow instead of today." Maybe is a word that I do not like.

You see, I am all about controllable metrics. I know the more I post on social media, the more books I read, the more people I meet, the more I exercise, the more I write, the more I invest, the more I try, only good things are destined to happen.

I hear people tell me "Mike, I hate my job and current life situation with a passion. I want to write a book, turn it into a bestseller, and MAYBE leave my corporate job."

Did you catch that "maybe"?

It's sad to say, but people who use the word maybe in their vocabulary are often setting themselves up for never trying. These people rarely will ever put in the work that is required to earn that dream life. A dream life is not just about money. It's the satisfaction in your career, yourself, relationships, family, and totality of life. I have met many millionaires in my life. Trust me, not all of them are truly happy. It's safe to say they are not living their DREAM LIFE. My mentors are not just people with money. They are people who are happy. Truly happy. (Yes, of course, many of them have money, but not all)

The truth is: All the good things (and everlasting things) in life take time. It takes time to control your destiny. It takes time to become your hero. It takes time for that vision to come true.

There is no shortcut to the dream. It takes work, pain, struggle, failures, and unshakeable commitment.

When people tell me "Mike, I want a bestselling book because I am leaving my job to become an entrepreneur in 6 months", I know I am working with people who know what it takes to succeed. Deadlines, work, commitment - The Big 3 I call them. If you have them, you have what it takes!

We all have a little man or woman inside of us. They've been there since we were born. That person will flash pictures, feeling, and visions to you of the future - of what is possible, of what you want to accomplish, of what you think you need to try. Visions of being an author, starting a business, being financially free, playing an instrument, asking that one person out on a date, buying that house, driving that car, getting that job, becoming a speaker, living that dream life, etc. Everyone has those images. But, they don't pop up by accident.

The person inside of you flashing those images knows you better than anyone else on this planet. That person knows your strengths, your loves, your passions, your drive, your wants, your needs, your desires - everything that is good about you. Everything.

That person is incapable of lying to you. They have no alternative motives. They want you to win. Period.

That person inside will show you your dream life.

The only kicker is: THERE IS NO SHORTCUT. You might have to read 10,000 books, feel pain for years, struggle, and work harder than you ever could imagine.

Are you one of the 100,000 people that are willing to do whatever it takes?

You might think nobody is watching. But, trust me, that person inside is always watching. Don't turn your back on them. Start reading.


Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write and publish bestselling books. Then, teaches them how to use it as the ultimate marketing tool to grow their dream business. Contact Mike to publish a bestselling book within 60 days or less.

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