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Startup Business Tip - Think it. Write it. Speak it.

Startup Business Tip - Think it. Write it. Speak it.

One of the benefits of Dream Starters is the ability to bounce ideas and problem solving solutions off another person. Of course, the fact that I have experience and have applied my own advice to my own business is a bonus, but the act of getting your thoughts together and verbalizing it can help you solve the problem all on your own.

When I come across a problem that I cannot figure out, I dwell on it for a short period of time. Then, I write it down. After, I like to verbalize it to someone else. A small discussion will usually clear up the confusion and I will know how I am going to handle it.

These 3 steps are accessing 3 different parts of your brain. With each step, you begin to process it a little bit more in depth. This will unlock some doors and give you the ability to see the entire picture.

This same mentality goes for the solutions you come up with. Once you have an answer, make sure you write down. Then, without reading it from the paper, think about the solution, and say it out loud. This will give you a chance to actually hear how it sounds. If you are by yourself, pretend there is someone there. That way, you will see how well you truly understand it. I am a big believer in: If you can say it without reading it, then you really do understand it.

I learned this lesson years ago when I started to play music in front of people. Just because I was able to play the song sitting on the edge of my bed with no one around, it did not mean I could play the song up on stage - when it really counts. If I stumbled on stage, i did not have a handle on the entire song. When you are in front of people, focus can sway. Even the slightest bit will throw off your concentration. That taught me the lesson to practice longer and to know the song from front to back before I play in front of people.

Take this process and apply it to how you sell your product/service to a customer. If you trip over any of the words on 1) explaining your business, 2)what value you can offer a customer, and 2) all of the details a customer may want to know, then what impression would they have of you? Confusing statements leads to indecision. Indecision is my worst nightmare because nothing will get done.

To verbalize these things over and over may be repetitious, but it will help you on so many levels. You will solve more problems, get more sales, and eliminate confusion in business and in life.

Remember, communication is an art that must be mastered if you want to be an entrepreneur. The more you understand something, the better you will be able to communicate it to your customers and team members. These two groups are your audience. Make sure you are prepared for when it really counts.

Have a problem? Think it. Write it. Speak it. Found a solution? Think it. Write. Speak it.

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