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"Mike Fallat, one of Pittsburgh's newest authors and motivational speaker is on fire. He will motivate you, challenge you, and give you the insight to become a successful entrepreneur. Well done Mike and Thank you." -  Jacqueline A. Diamond RN, MSOL, CLNC

For a limited time, I am offering my book, DreamStarter - The Startup Business Guide for the Die-Hard Entrepreneur, to you for 90% off!  It is 110 pages of entertaining, motivating, and educational information.  You will be able to use everything that I have went through as your own map in the entrepreneurial world. 




Starting a business is the ultimate adventure.  It can be scary, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. Without the right mentality and basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, it's easy to make simple, yet costly mistakes.  This book is for the die-hard entrepreneur who doesn't know where to begin and wants to learn from someone who has actually been through it.  Michael Fallat, entrepreneur and founder of DreamStarters University, has put together the essential starter guide to help you begin your journey.  With over 14 years of experience in small businesses (8 of which were focused in the startup world), his "startup map" will keep you on the right path.  The book is full of many educational short stories and true events from his own experiences. Do you have a dream of starting your own business?  If so, then why are you still sleeping?  Wake up, let's go, and let's get it started!

WAS  $19.95

NOW $1.99
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