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American Entrepreneur Apparel

Made in the U.S.A.

We all wear popular clothing brands that we believe fits us well.  Why not wear a clothing line that shows others what kind of person you are inside. 

The American Entrepreneur believes in themselves before anyone else does.

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2017 Amazon Bestselling

DreamStarter by Michael Fallat

The Startup Business Guide for The Die-Hard Entrepreneur

About My Book - 

Starting a business is the ultimate adventure.  It can be scary, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. Without the right mentality and basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, it's easy to make simple, yet costly mistakes.  This book is for the die-hard entrepreneur who doesn't know where to begin and wants to learn from someone who has actually been through it.  Michael Fallat, entrepreneur and founder of DreamStarters University, has put together the essential starter guide to help you begin your journey.  With over 14 years of experience in small businesses (8 of which were focused in the startup world), his "startup map" will keep you on the right path. 

7 Essentials Video Series (1 hour)

It took Mike Fallat almost 9 years in the startup world to realize the 7 essentials for every business.  Do you want to know what they are?  You could spend over $100K to learn yourself (like I did)... or you could watch this 1 hour video series.  Remember, the American Entrepreneur Will Always Create More!

Length:  1 hour 22 minutes

Format:  .avi video

American Entrepreneur Hat

Now, get the hat that shows everyone how much you love your business AND your country! 


Take pride in being made in the U.S.A ... just like our apparel!

  1. One Size Fits All

  2. Only Available in Black

  3. Perfect for Any American Entrepreneur

$29.95 + shipping/tax

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