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DreamStarter Book Club Week 17

Book: Brand Warfare

Author:  David D'Alessandro

Powerful lessons on how to build and sustain your own "killer brand"

Creating and sustaining a good brand is the most complex and perilous task any business will ever face, yet nothing is as misunderstood. Under the direction of marketing wizard David D’Alessandro, John Hancock transformed itself from a sleepy old life insurer into a leading financial services giant, with a sustained 20% annual rate of growth. In Brand Warfare, D'Alessandro draws on his personal experience as a brand-builder and examples from America's smartest and most foolish corporations, developing principles that you can use in any market. At the same time, he creates an entertaining picture of the marketing business with anecdotes that convey a keen sense of the absurdities of corporate life, balanced by a tremendous respect for the consumer.

This tough-minded, funny, and refreshingly candid book gives you a proven roadmap for marketing success as you learn:

*Why every business needs a good brand to compete

*Why consumers need good brands as much as good brands need them

*Why sycophancy from the agency and meddling from inside the company will sink your campaign every time

*About sponsorship: how to avoid being taken, and how to make the investment pay for your brand

*Why it's as important to market your brand to your employees as it is to your customers

*Why every business decision should be filtered through the prism of the brand

Tell us what you thought about it and/or what you have learned!

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