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DreamStarter Book Club Week 11

Book: The Funnel Principle

Author:  Mark Sellers

Selected by Selling Power Magazine as one of the 10 Best Books to Read in 2010! For years, sales executives have viewed the sales funnel, a.k.a. the pipeline, as a tool that salespeople might use to keep track of accounts and opportunities. That is, something nice to have but not necessary to run the business. In companies where the funnel does get some attention, standardization is weak or nonexistent. Further, the 'traditional' funnel design that is used by most organizations is flawed and can do more harm than good. In The Funnel Principle: What Every Salesperson Must Know About Selling, author Mark Sellers sets a new standard for the sales funnel with an innovative BuyCycle Funnel design and 8-Step Process for complete funnel management. He shows salespeople how the funnel as a business tool has been undervalued and misused. With the right approach and persistent commitment, the funnel has great potential to help salespeople and sales leaders achieve the one true measure by which they are judged - hitting quota.

Tell us what you thought about it and/or what you have learned!

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