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Today, Mike Fallat is going to teach you 5 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR GOALS ON TRACK.

1. Business metrics. Business is not just about the moneys, there's other numbers involved too!

2. Are you even on the right path? Make sure you're progressing, and keep your business in a progressive state! Don't get too comfortable, running around in circles is only fun for a little bit.

3. Question your friend group, surround yourself with people that are pushing you to be the person you thrive to be! Growing is important and it's not selfish to keep that in mind :)

4. Help others, just like you need to have people in your life that push you to be the best you can be, you need to do the same!

5. Analyze your body. Are you taking care of yourself? How can you expect your business to thrive if your own body isn't?

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