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A Seinfeld Episode..


This week, I hired a foot model. I am 33 years old and I never thought I would say those words. Why would we hire one? To advertise the shoes we give away to our women clients, of course! (ok, you probably have some questions by now. I will explain below)

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George becomes a hand model? It's hilarious. Somehow, everything can be brought back to a Seinfeld episode.

As an entrepreneur, no two days are exactly the same. That's probably why I love it so much. Entrepreneurs want to do everything they have always wanted to do... and even stuff they never thought would be possible (like scouting for foot models).

One of the biggest questions I get nowadays is WHY DO YOU ASSOCIATE WOMEN RED PUMPS WITH WRITING A BOOK?

My answer is simple - high heels are a symbol of attraction marketing. They get you attention and make you more attractive in the eyes of the public JUST LIKE A BOOK!

Nothing makes a woman feel more attractive than a new pair of shoes (except a trip to the hair salon maybe :) ). And in order to tell your story in the most attractive manner, you first have to feel attractive. It's basic human psychology.

When that foot model puts on those red pumps, I know she will feel more confident. It's exactly the feeling I got when I wrote my first book a few years ago. It's exactly how I felt when I finished my 2nd book that is hitting the shelves next week.

Are you ready to start getting the attention that your business deserves? Write a book. It's attraction marketing at its finest.

Ok, Seinfeld is coming on. Gotta run!

Write on, DreamStarters.

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs write books.

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