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Did you know...?

Did you know...

95% of all celebrity and leading entrepreneur books are GHOSTWRITTEN, take on average 6-9 months, and cost approx $25-$45K?

Why is that? Well, it's because those people make much more money somewhere else and they can afford to pay professionals to do the work for them. In the end, their message/lessons/and stories are heard. The one's who don't tell their story are not heard. By spending your time on things that make you money directly, you can go all in on your strengths. And that is how you succeed in this world.

I came to realize that the people who really need books are ENTREPRENEURS, yet they simply don't have the time to sit down and write. If they did, they would take their focus off their day-to-day income-producing activities.

We solve this problem with the DREAMSTARTER Ghostwriter package. Get a professionally written book in 30 days for $5495.

I truly believe when it comes to business that SPEED MATTERS.

Books are not being consumed at the rate at which they did many years ago. We have Youtube, audio books, 24/7 news, texting, Pandora, social media, and amazing Nicholas Cage movies to distract us from picking up a book.

That is why more than ever you need to make sure your book is simple, clean, effective, and not too daunting. Every single book we put together follows a pattern that we know WORKS.

Remember, a book used improperly once it's completed is the greatest tragedy of all. Do it right... right from the start.

The person with the most to promote gets the most attention.

It's time to put your story out there and attract the attention your business deserves.


Have you always wanted to invest in real estate and attain total financial freedom?

Message me and I will make sure you get an e-book version!


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