Ever Wanted To Write A Book to Use as a Marketing Tool?

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85% of the people on this planet have said they wanted to write a book at one time in their life?

Yet, only 3% ever do.

So, why is that? Most likely it's because of internal fear of showing the world who they are, or their peers constant criticism, or not having a business to promote, or simply not knowing HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER.

I don't think I can help you overcome fear in one simple email, but I can give you pointers on how to have it come to life when you are ready to start getting attention.

1. Target a specific audience

2. Outline 15 to 20 General lessons that you want to teach

3. Keep it to a maximum of 120 pages

4. You want your book to be read in an hour and a half... one sitting

5. .5 margins

6. 12 point font

7. have the flow the book Go Story, lesson, summary quote. ... All of that is done on purpose

8. Arial text

9. Make sure the cover is beautifu

10. Dont put every single detail about your life down. Save that for when you meet with them in person. Nobody cares about every single detail unless its a fiction book

11. Write at an 8th grade level... That gives best chance that people will read it

95% of all books are not read from cover to cover

12. Load up the first two chapters.. statistics show they are going to base their decision on you by those two chapters.

13. Make it "skimmable". Nobody really knows you yet so make sure they get to know you quickly and with ease

14. Lower the barriers of entry of people getting to know your back story

15. Give book away to as many people as possible

16. A book is an indirect Revenue Source not a direct Revenue source

17. Covers should be 2-3 dominant colors. Few words in title.

18. Forewords are great if you are friends with a big name

19. Multipupose the content across many platforms

20. The book will position you as the expert - now or in the future. More books = more commitment = more attention

21. Turn it into a best-seller on AMAZON. It's easy. I can show you how. We even do it for people

22. Reverse engineer how you want to make your money a year from now and then build the book around that


24. Use book to acquire massive attention. Dont try to sell book and make 30 cents per book. Use attention to spotlight your real business Value

25.Quotes will be remembered more than anything

Don't write a book that you think captures your whole life.... Write a book that WORKS.

It's your story. Show it, don't hide it.

Confidence attracts an audience like no other.

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