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That is why:

Starting in February 2018, we will no longer be offering BESTSELLER STATUS to entrepreneurs who do not use our full marketing service. Full Marketing service means "BOOK LAUNCH, WEBSITE, AND TOTAL STRATEGY".

For the past year we have offered the "BESTSELLER CAMPAIGN" as part of an a-la-cart piece so to speak. But, due to our rising demand, we will only be offering that special item to people who go through the whole marketing program.

This will help solidify our BRAND and QUALITY LEVEL OF BOOKS.

Not all books are created equal. More importantly, not all books are prepared to become bestsellers. And hopefully, this specific change will fix that.

DreamStarters is designed to help the entrepreneur use their story as their competitive advantage and to win.

As the BOOK MARKETING EXPERTS, we know the golden rule: Your success comes down to how you use your book.

If you have a book and want it promoted the right way, contact us today.

If you just want the BESTSELLER CAMPAIGN, contact me before February.

Mike Fallat helps entrepreneurs bring their story to market in 30 days.


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