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Your book cover design is what draws people into the story you crafted from your life.

It is the first impression, first smile, first words to the person in front of it. Ans as we all know, you only get one of those.

It is way too common to want to be different than anything else you have ever seen. However, there is an art to a great book cover. After putting together about 75 this past year, here is what I learned:


Your 6X9 will be seen for the first time on a phone. That means it will be seen in an instagram post, facebook post, or even on Amazon. You don't have the luxury of size. For that reason think about it from the readers perspective. The text must be able to be read even when it is a thumbnail. Think big with the book. Think small when it comes to the final design. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

2. 3 Color Bandit

Since I can only really play 3 chord songs on my guitar, I have always been considered the 3 chord bandit. However, the 3 chord songs are catchy and attention grabbing. Think of pretty much every Tom Petty song. Simplicity wins. Always. The same goes for covers. The greatest cover stick to 3 main colors. Become the 3 color bandit.

3. One word defines you... and your book.

There is going to be one word that sticks out and is remembered by the reader. What do you want it to be? Make sure it is in align with the true end goal of the book. If you want to be the expert on chainsaws, the word "Chainsaw" damn well better be in the title.

If you don't abide by these rules, prepare to get chewed up and spit out.

Be remembered. Be thought about. Be consumed from the moment they lay eyes on your book.

Your story is the most attractive part about you. Use it as your competitive advantage.

Mike Fallat


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