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Sometimes, you need to start over.

Sometimes, you need to rest.

Most times, you need to hit the RESET button.

Have you ever been going strong for days, weeks, months, or even years.. until one day you realize you’re not? You wonder of it’s just a slump or a phase or a hormonal spike, then you finally admit it’s not (whatever it is) going away.

In some fashion, you need to get back on track. Rather than fear asking someone for the wrong directions, it's best to go to someone who knows the way.

Jacqui Phillips is an American TV and Radio Host, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Executive Producer, Creator, Public Speaker, Published Author and Entrepreneur can help.

Her book RESET will debut October 2017. Jacqui’s mission in life is to inspire others to aspire to be their best selves. She encourages others to break the shackles off their lives in order to walk in truth and embrace their unique divine purpose. As an inspirational speaker Jacqui encourages and inspires people to RESET their lives and dare to dream. No dream is too big because it’s your opportunity to reach for your dreams and take what is meant for you. As a beauty expert she also speaks and teaches others by incorporating the quick and easy “how to’s” by endorsing brands such as Cover Girl and Inglot cosmetics. Jacqui has a children’s book series The Adventures of Stushy and Bello. Her desire is to teach love and kindness to all. She does this by touring the country, visiting different schools and reading to children.

Stemming from her original passion, Jacqui continues to work as a Celebrity Makeup Artist via her own company JJP LLC, where she served as the head of Beauty for TV reality series “Mob Wives” and “The Big Ang Show.” She also toured the world with Judy Collins for over 7 years, commandeers commercials and shows for many networks such as VH1, NBC, CBS, MTV, Food Network and remains the go to Artist for many Celebrities. Jacqui has dedicated her career to building the brand of “Stars Behind the Stars”. As the Creator, Head Writer & Producer of “Stars Behind the Stars” Jacqui is fueled by the personalities that are not always acknowledged in the public eye. These extraordinary people have a unique, personal and in depth understanding as to who works behind the scenes to deliver the celebrities, entertainers, brands, athletes and well known personalities around the world. Stars Behind the Stars offers it’s viewing audience an alternative perspective that honors the 24/7 work ethics, focuses, mindsets and the realities of the women and men who are in the business of providing more than their field of expertise. Jacqui is a Certified Professional Life Coach with Fowler International Association, Master Business Coach, a President’s Club Member of the Christian Women in Media Association, an alumni member of the Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs, and an active member of The National Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences, New York.

It's an honor to work with people like Jacqui and see them inspire so many people.



Remember, a book will take you were you want to go.

Write on,


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