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brains, heart, and courage


Brains, Heart, and Courage

Many years ago, I read an article (written by Shawn Farrell and Rob Culbertson) that explained how Dorothy really wasn't looking for a wizard in The Wizard of Oz. She was looking for the perfect man.

Throughout her journey, she would come across men who were smart, but lacked heart (like the Tin Man), men who were sincere, but lacked brains (like the Scarecrow), and men who were strong, but lacked courage (like the Lion).

It was only in her dream that she found the men she was looking for - ones with a brain, heart, and courage. Better yet, she was the hero in helping them acquire what they lacked.

The Wizard of Oz is cinematic classic. Not only did it change the landscape of movies forever, it told a story that had it all: A hero, an incredible struggle, and a resolution/lesson/takeaway.

Brains, Heart, and Courage. Think about those 3 wishes by the 3 characters in the movie. Who doesn't want those three characteristics? How many people on this planet are lacking at least one of those (or even all 3)? Which ones are you lacking (if at all)?

The more books we help write for entrepreneurs, the more I am realizing those 3 characteristics are what make up the best writers, the best stories, the best businesses. Combine them and you automatically have something that all people want.

In essence, that combo makes the perfect writer:

Brains - Someone who knows his/her industry. Someone who is well-read. Someone who is a credible expert in their field. How you write, speak, and the depth of your opinions/experiences will all be a tell-tale sign of your brains.

Heart - How much do you care about what you are doing in your life? Do you have passion? Do you live with purpose? Do you care for your clients, relationships, and team more than dollars and cents? Your heart is determined by how you treat people and how much you cheer for others to win. The one's with heart never give up on their mission. The one's with heart learn to smile through the pain.

Courage - It's the ability to stand up, write, speak about, and protect what they feel is correct (even if it's controversial). It's the ability to acknowledge when to walk away from a company, someone, or community that holds them back. It's the ability to tell your whole life story, authentically, transparently, and naturally. It's the ability to stand up on stage, for others to judge you, and say "I AM" even if it's scary and daunting.

These 3 characteristics are what I look for in every Ghostwriter on the DreamStarters team. You see, our job isn't to simply write a book for entrepreneurs. It's to write a book that helps them GET WHAT THEY WANT (attention, clients, credibility, and speaking gigs).

Remember, BRAINS, HEART, and COURAGE can't be bought. That combo is rare to find. That's what makes it extremely valuable.

Be valuable.




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