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New Bestselling Author - Jimmy Bluff

Last week, we helped another client bring his story to life in a book AND helped him become a BESTSELLER!

Congratulations, Jimmy you are BESTSELLING AUTHOR FOR LIFE!

His book, Just Keep Breathing hit #1 on the Amazon charts.

"Bestselling Author for Life" is such an awesome phrase. There isn't much in this world anymore that lasts forever, giving much more value to those things that will never die.

200 years from now, this book will exist somewhere (in print, on Amazon, or Google contact lenses). Jimmy's family will look through the Instagram archives and see their great, great, great, great grandfather was a bestselling author.


(***Young man writes two words on a piece of paper, crinkles it up, and passes it back to the person behind him as the professor looks on. The other student looks at the piece of paper, raises her hand, and gives a confident answer: YOUR STORY!

The professor looks on with pride in a Samuel L. Jackson-type manner and responds "well done".)

One step. One page. One word at a time. Create something that lasts.

About Jimmy Bluff

Jimmy Bluff is the mastermind and founder of Bluff Technique and developer of Advanced Muscle Reconstruction (AMR). Jimmy unifies physical fitness, nutrition, health, and metaphysics to fulfill his pursuit; to stimulate, educate, and champion those seeking to become superior physically, mentally and emotionally to reach their highest potential.

Through his knowledge, talent, passion, and dedication he has the experience to move mountains. For over ten years Jimmy has excelled in the health industry. He has managed multiple multi-million dollar fitness facilities in Utah and progressed to own his own private personal training company. Jimmy is UNMATCHED in attaining results and knows what is required to succeed.

AMR was developed through 17 years of professional massage and fitness industry experience. A lifelong athlete himself, Jimmy grew up playing competitive basketball, football, skiing and snowboarding in his hometown of Honesdale, PA. He’s also an accomplished super heavyweight bodybuilder. He’s familiar with the pain of sports injuries and the toll intense physical activity can have on the human body.

Jimmy earned his certifications at the University of Utah and the Utah College of Massage Therapy. His love of working with people to reach their fitness goals was found to be more gratifying and led him in the direction of pain relief, rehabilitation and the art of healing. The Bluff Technique is Jimmy’s form of holistic healing. With his unique techniques he removes lifelong pain and injuries in a way that no one else can.

With Jimmy’s down to earth personality, genuine support, enthusiasm for life, and action for results philosophy you too can conquer your life and reach your truest potential.

Learn more at



Mike Fallat is the founder of DreamStarters University.

We help entrepreneurs write and publish bestselling books. Then, we teach them how to use the books as the ultimate marketing tool in acquiring speaking gigs, credibility, clients, and attention.

Phone: 412-496-9448

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