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that look in the mirror

Imagine possessing a special talent, amazing resource, or unique skill, BUT you had to keep it to yourself. What do you think that would feel like? Let me guess... a prisoner, right? Like a bird in a cage, your freedom would be non-existent if you couldn't fly.

Anyone who is restricted to flying to a certain height, at a certain speed, or within a certain territory, cannot ever feel 100% free. Freedom is #1 reason as to why I chose to be an entrepreneur so many moons ago. But the thing is, freedom is never given, it is earned. And in order to earn it, you have to pay the price. The price, as you may know, is different for everyone.

When I sold windows for a multi-billion dollar company and they controlled my schedule, money, creativity, and time, I was a prisoner.

When I tied my happiness to someone else's actions and state of mind, I was a prisoner.

When I was confused about the direction of my life and had no idea what I wanted to do with my time on earth, I was a prisoner.

When I knew I had a unique skill set, but didn't know how to show it, I was a prisoner.

The moment I looked in the mirror and said "Never again, Mike. I would rather be dead than feel this way ever again" was the day the cage finally opened. The years of confusion, pain, and loss was the price I had to pay.

From that day forward, I started writing again, I started putting myself out there again, and I started using the skill set that was hidden for way too long.

Just because I freed myself internally didn't mean I was immediately free from the external forces (financial, politics, time, etc). Those freedoms are never given either, they are earned.

The point is: THE INTERNAL PRISON MANY PEOPLE FACE CAN BE BEATEN. It might take years of meandering or even just one giant scare, but a way out does exist.

Do you possess a special talent, amazing resource, or unique skill set and are hiding it form the world? If so, maybe it's time to let the ol' ball and chain go and go do what you are born to do.

When you go to brush you teeth tonight and look in the mirror, will you say: "I'm proud of you", "Never again", or "Keep hiding".

Remember, as long as you are willing to pay the price, you're the author of your own life. It's your call.



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