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Guest Blog By Brian Sharpe (Not Everyone Gets A Trophy)

Today's Guest Blog is by Brian Sharpe - CEO and Founder of

Having very small kids that are now getting into sports is great. The one thing that is lacking, is the fact that everyone wins. This is great, but not everyone needs to get a trophy. That is a bunch of BS. We are raising a culture of individuals that are going to expect everything to be handed to them, and this simply is NOT the way life works.

Life will bust you up side you head and have you crying home to MOMMA. You better be prepared for this harsh fact. Also, the fact that you have to watch even being stern, or heaven forbid, spank a child is so crazy. Yes, you should never beat your kids for no reason. But, I was popped when I go out of line as a child, and I am fine. These people that are looking to get hard working parents in trouble by calling DSS should get their head examined. There is nothing wrong with spanking a child. And there is nothing wrong with a child learning how to fail. They need both because they are going to go out to the world, and the world will treat them like its Bitch.

Life does not play fair and I feel that children are going to expect things that simply will not be there. I remember playing in a championship basketball game for a league I was in at a very young age. I was the main player on the team. I did not have a very good night and we lost the game. I cried all the way home. But, the next day I knew I had to get better and was outside in my driveway practicing. If we would have all gotten a trophy, I may not have been out practicing the next day. it taught me to deal with failure.

Learn from it and get better at my craft.

I am teaching my children that they can be anything that they want. They do not have to sit back and take life as it is dealt. That if they do not like something, do something to change it. Take action. NOW. They sometimes get very frustrated with me, but I push them to make the choices and deal with the outcome. Cause and effect. Just in life, you make a bad choice, take responsibility and deal with the results.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I feel we need to make sure our children are prepared for life.

They need to know that there are no free lunches. But, they also need to know they can do anything that they set their mind to, and take action on. Kiss your kids and tell them you love them every day. Teach them right and you have done all you can. God Bless.


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