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Your Story Will Save Your Life


Recently, I was listening to an interview of Bruce Springsteen (on Sirius Radio). Seriously, if you don't have Sirius radio, I have no idea how you make it through life. I digress.

Bruce talked about his journey and how it all started. It touched a nerve when he talked about his days of a struggling musician. The way he put it was so perfect. He said "As musicians just starting out, we were all just trying to tell the world our stories. In fact, we were telling the world our story just to save our own lives."

I repeat, telling the world our story to save our lives. Wow, that is deep!

I've dabbled in songwriting, but never tried to make money from it (yet). However, I can relate to that quote from the aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs, in my opinion, are very similar to artists/musicians. We fall into a world and try to leave our mark. It's important for us to look back and say "I was here".

Not many people can handle the ups and downs an entrepreneur will face during his/her journey. Entrepreneurs are going to struggle. It's just a fact.

Of course, we try to mitigate risk, loss, failure, and pain as much as possible, but it's impossible to stop it all. So, you have to figure out a way to stay afloat FINANCIALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND MENTALLY.

The best analogy for the life of an entrepreneur I can think of is the rhythm of a heartbeat. If you pull up an EKG of your heartbeat, you will notice the up and down motion your heartbeat goes through 24/7. The up and down is good. IT MEANS YOU'RE ALIVE!

A straight line means you're dead. In life, I don't want steady. I don't want predictable. I never did. I want to feel all the high points of life (Naturally, of course). If that means I have to suffer some lows, so be it.

Years ago, when I worked for a company that I despised, I felt truly dead inside. It was good money, very little excitement, and no control of my destiny. I wasn't living a story worth reading. More importantly, I wasn't telling a story I was proud to live.

Life seemed to come rushing back when I decided to go ALL IN on entrepreneurship. I began surrounding myself with entrepreneurs. You know, the real artists of the world.

Ever since then, my life started getting more exciting. It's amazing how energy is contagious. I can't tell you how exhilarating it is to hear the excitement in a person's voice when they hit their goal, get a client, or become a bestseller on Amazon. And you know what, I get to do that everyday.

I realized from every author/entrepreneur I meet, we are all just telling our story to the world. In fact, we are telling our story to save our lives. Because, if we don't get to create, help, and control our life, then we are already dead. Authors are entrepreneurs. I always say AUTHORS GET TO SAY HOW IT ALL ENDS.

So, as you begin to take control of your life more and more, there are going to be many ups and downs. Remember, the roller coaster-like lifestyle means you're alive.

The best part is: you are the musician, the entrepreneur, the author. You get to tell your story. You are the only one who gets to say how it all ends.

Write on,



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