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Wednesday Wisdom Coming Down

I would like to start this blog post off in quite possibly the most masculine way possible: Quoting Pat Benatar's 80s hit All Fired Up -

"Livin' with my eyes closed,

goin' day to day

I never knew the difference,

I never cared either way

Lookin' for a reason,

searchin' for a sign

Reachin' out with both hands,

I gotta feel the kick inside

All fired up (now I believe there comes a time)

All fired up (when everything just falls in line)"

I believe there comes time in most people's lives when their direction in life becomes very clear. Some take action. Some do not.

Yesterday, I was at CCAC talking with a group of business students. In their eyes, I saw excitement and uncertainty. Most of all, I saw curiosity.

Being curious is never a bad thing (unless you are my 8 year old, overweight beagle that's curious of the coyotes in the woods at night).

People should always be curious of what is possible. Otherwise, that drive for more will die.

I will be talking more about this at the seminar tonight in West Virginia (Wheeling Jesuit University). There will be a group of excited students asking about life outside of college. I hope I can help.

My message is simple: Death never asks if you are ready to leave this world, so don't ever put off til next year what you can do now.

It's a privilege to wake up and go after what you want in life. The longer you can stay ALL FIRED UP about life, the better your chances of everything falling into place. More importantly, the better your chances are of TAKING ACTION when it does.

See you tonight,


(If this blog post wasn't motivating enough to come tonight, we will also be raffling off a 40" Flat screen TV). Are you watching closely now?

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