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On its way to being AMAZON BESTSELLER

It's an honor to see my book DreamStarter: The Startup Business Guide for the Die-Hard Entrepreneur make its climb to Amazon Bestseller!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of the book. Your help is much appreciated and I am eternally grateful.

More about Mike Fallat's book -

DreamStarter is a book for the dreamer, entrepreneur, and kid in all of us. I believe we all have a dream. Unfortunately, for many the dream dies and never comes back. When you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up? Is it what you are doing right now? At some point along my life’s journey, I realized my younger self would have been disappointed with what I was becoming. For that reason I made some serious changes. As a kid growing up in the woods of Pennsylvania, I thought about risk, adventure, and forging my own path in life. Once I graduated from school and got a job, my thirst for life began to decline. It wasn’t until I risked everything, went out on my own, and started down the entrepreneurial path that the childlike excitement came rushing back. In fact, entrepreneurship is the ultimate adventure and that is why I have fallen in love with the career path. Along the way I have met many like-minded die-hard dreamers. We learn from each other and we help each other. This premise spawned my book DreamStarter. In a very similar fashion to the movie The Goonies, adventures need maps. Otherwise the dream may never be realized. DreamStarter is your guide. Use the stories within to help you along your journey and uncover your full potential in life. Repeat after me, “I am a DreamStarter and DreamStarters never say die.”

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