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Book of the Week: Facebook Marketing Book

DreamStarter Book Club Week 3

Book: Facebook Marketing Book

Author: Dan Zarrella and Alison Zarrella


How can Facebook help you promote your brand, products, and services? This book provides proven tactics that you can use right away to build your brand and engage prospective customers. With 500 million active users worldwide, Facebook offers a much larger audience than traditional media, but it's a new landscape loaded with unfamiliar challenges. The Facebook Marketing Book shows you how to make the most of the service while skirting not-so-obvious pitfalls along the way.

Whether you're a marketing and PR professional, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you'll learn about the tools and features that will help you reach specific Facebook audiences. You'll also get an in-depth overview, with colorful and easy-to-understand introductions to Profiles, Groups, Pages, Applications, Ads, Events, and Facebook etiquette.

  • Approach Facebook's complex environment with clear, actionable items

  • Make sense of the social networking world

  • Be familiar with the technologies you need for social network marketing

  • Explore tactics for using Facebook features, functionality, and protocols

  • Learn how to set specific campaign goals

  • Determine which Facebook features are relevant to your campaigns

  • Plan and execute Facebook marketing strategies

  • Measure the results of your campaigns with key performance indicators

Watch Review of Sales Bible and Intro of Facebook Marketing Book!

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