Startup Business Tip: Timing Always Beats Speed

To be a DreamStarter and run a successful startup business, you must be able to master patience and have the ability to use timing to your advantage. When you lose a sale, you might not have lost the sale forever, you just didn’t get the sale that day. Tomorrow is on its way, so never stop marketing.

In essence, marketing is all about using the rules of timing to your advantage.

Much like anything, there’s an art to it. In addition to planting many seeds, there are steps you must take in order to ensure success. After all, everything in the sales world comes down to a numbers game.

Lead generators do not live in the world of win or lose. They don’t live a world of all or nothing. They live in the world of timing. It’s about finding people that value your product/service today and acquiring a way to contact them tomorrow.

Lead generators are the fire starters, the planters of seeds, and the ones that take the customer by the hand and say “Come with me if this is what you are looking for.” (I prefer to envision this in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.)

The little spark of interest is all that is needed in this stage, while only a small amount of resources from your business are used.

Of course, there must be an exchange of value between you (the business) and the potential customer.

In most cases, the customer will provide all of their contact information for something FREE offered from the business. This might be information, an intro package, or a quote on a project. The business gets something and the consumer gets something.

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