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Startup Business Tip - REWARD YOURSELF

Incentives exist to push people farther, faster, and more frequently. Rewards and spiffs are huge part of the sales world because it constantly reminds the sales person that there is something to be gained at every turn. This is what entrepreneurs must do for themselves. Creating a basic reward for each accomplishment is a form of classical conditioning - just like Pavlov's dog! As human's, it's in our DNA to do something for a reward albeit a financial reward, recognition from peers, and/or a feeling of personal satisfaction from accomplishment.

By rewarding yourself with something desired, you are able to see a light at the end of the tunnel in the midst of a daunting task that lays ahead.

Bosses do this for their employees all of the time. "Get this project complete and you can leave early today", "If we hit our goals, we can receive profit sharing this year", "If you do this favor for me, I'll buy you lunch" are all rewards designed to increase your productivity. Entrepreneurs must set stipulations just like the aforementioned agreements between a boss and an employee.

This world conditions people to be employees. That is why it's hard to translate this concept to business owners. Entrepreneurs must hold themselves accountable, set their own deadlines, and finish things without others telling them to do it.

Today, set up a mini-agreement with yourself:

- If you get through your daily contact list, you will treat yourself to a movie.

- If you enter all of your receipts into Quickbooks, you will go to the gym 30 minutes early.

- If you close a deal this week, you will buy yourself tickets to the upcoming Bruce Springsteen concert.

Incentives and rewards are how the country, your company, and your life will continue to grow. Don't stop reaching.


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