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DreamStarter Book Club Week 6

Book: The Winner's Brain

Author:  Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske

What can you learn about success from a robot? And why shouldn't you take a test while wearing red? In The Winner's Brain, Harvard-trained brain experts Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske explore the surprising science behind motivation, focus, and extraordinary achievement--identifying eight essential "win factors"--and why the key to success really is all in your head.

The book includes dozens of interviews with notable winners, from B.B. King and Olympian Kerri Strug to the Whac-A-Mole™ inventor. Compulsively readable, The Winner's Brain will show you how to unlock your hidden potential and give yourself an edge.

Tell us what you thought about it and/or what you have learned!

Watch Review of The Art of Data Driven Marketing and intro of The Winner's Brain!

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