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DreamStarter Book Club Week 12

Book: Fearless Referrals

Author:  Matt Anderson

Use Your Contacts as the Building Blocks to Success

"The 'Golden Rules' for developing a continuous chain of high-quality referrals for any product in any business."
―Brian Tracy, bestselling author of The Psychology of Selling

"This easy-to-use, practical guide will dramatically increase your referral stream."
―Jon Voegele, Regional Vice President of Agency, COUNTRY Financial

"Matt Anderson has written an indispensable manual to doing business in our networked age where ideas and business opportunities travel virally."
―Magnus Lindkvist, trendspotter and author of Everything We Know Is Wrong and The


Attack of he Unexpected

When you ask a successful salesperson how he or she gets so much business, the answer is always the same: “Word of mouth.” A quality referral is vastly more valuable than any other form of marketing. But how much time and effort do you actually spend harvesting those referrals?

Fearless Referrals shows how to secure consistently higher quality referrals the right way. This groundbreaking guide provides a toolbox of wording that works, powerful fear-killing techniques, and proven referral-gathering methods that will completely transform your business. Learn how to:

  • Overcome the fears of rejection and appearing too needy

  • Develop a six-step system where others are comfortable opening doors for you

  • Create relationships that foster future referrals

  • Ask the right people, the right way, at the right time for a referral

You can build a world-class business simply by leveraging your most valuable asset―your network. As you become increasingly fearless about referrals, word-ofmouth is money in the bank.

Tell us what you thought about it and/or what you have learned!

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