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The American Entrepreneur Seminar Speaker

Donald Sawyer
Author/ Entrepreneur / Speaker

About Donald Sawyer


Donald Sawyer III was born in Winston-Salem, NC on July 25, 1984.  He and his wife Brittany have been happily married since 2013. They have 3 kids in the household.  Donald has an Associate's degree in Global Logistics from Forsyth Technical Community College.  He has a unique perspective on how products and people intertwine.
​The love of reading, writing, and encouraging has been with him since the tender age of 6.
​After a long writing hiatus due to substance abuse and alcoholism, he started Sawyer Vision Coaching.  He has an intense desire to see people express their dreams, reach their goals and be fulfilled.  He is an active member of the Winston-Salem Writers and Toastmasters.
​He is also passionate about youth mentoring and substance abuse prevention.
​In his spare time he enjoys family, reading, writing, music, outdoor activities,
​ watching documentaries, home improvement, bowling, clothes, and shoes.

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Speaking Events

1) How To Become The American Entrepreneur 

      PITT University in Pittsburgh, PA (February 3rd 2017)

2) How To Become The American Entrepreneur 

      Laroche College in Pittsburgh, PA (February 11th 2017)

Testimonial From Seminar Attendee:

"As a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, I find myself constantly wondering what I’m going to do after I graduate, namely, that I’ll get stuck working at a job that doesn’t inspire me.  After listening to Donald I find myself inspired and motivated to follow my passions and goals, no matter how big.  He was motivated by the fearlessness of his daughter, and I think that that is something that people lose as they get older.  They get worried about what society will think of them.  But I think what Donald really emphasizes is the fact that it IS scary to jump into something new and unknown, but the benefits that come from taking a risk are worth it.  In the end, at least one can say that they followed their dreams."  - Nora W.  Senior at Pitt University

Here is an example of what he speaks about at our seminars:

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