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DreamStarter Book Club Week 14

Book: Brand Rituals

Author:  Zain Raj

In Brand Rituals: How Successful Brands Bond with Customers for Life, Zain Raj, a recognized leader in the marketing and strategy space, posits that companies and their brands have the ability to drive significant business impact by creating a bond with their most loyal customers. Raj calls this a Brand Ritual, a deep, abiding relationship that customers build with brands that becomes an integral part of their lives. The book discusses how it's no longer about consumer beliefs; it's all about customer behavior. It challenges the five existing marketing myths that no longer serve us and provides a clearly defined four-stage approach to a Brand Ritual. A higher number of bonded customers is not only possible but absolutely necessary if you and your company want to create sustainable brands that defy competitors for decades.

Tell us what you thought about it and/or what you have learned!

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